Studio Technical Specifications

  • Acoustically treated room with excellent imaging and flat bass response, natural light and high ceiling.
  • ATC SCM100 monitoring ( a variety of standard near field monitoring available upon request)
  • DAD AX24 Convertors with DSD option. Sample rates from PCM 44.1kHz to 384kHz, DSD at 2.8mHz and 5.6mHz
  • Analog processors including Elysia Alpha, Neve 8051, Buzz REQ 2.2, Pendulum Audio PL-2, GML 8200, Massive Passive
  • Mastering DAW's - Merging Pyramix V7 with DSD options and SACD authoring, Samplitude ProX and Izotope RX Advanced
  • 24 Channel Analog 5.1 mixer from Tonelux for superb STEM Mastering summed out the box
  • A  selection of boutique plugins from Acustica Audio